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You’ve heard it said, “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch”? That is completely true and applies to mold and mildew issues within your storage unit. Be extra careful when placing items into storage on a wet and rainy day. One wet cardboard box, or a piece of furniture that is damp from the rain, can breed mold spores and ruin everything in your unit.
Need the details on how to create a U-Haul Account? Check out this step-by-steb guide to do so! You can rent a unit, pay your bill, pick up U-Haul equipment, and more from this U-Haul account.
We offer convenient 24/7 online payment options. Learn how to easily setup your payments using our ASG U-Haul payment portal.
Follow these steps diligently to guarantee that your winterization process is executed with the utmost care, safeguarding your equipment effectively and without breaking the bank. Let's keep that lawn equipment in top shape!
At Affordable Storage Guys, we understand the unique storage needs of college students, and we are committed to providing a safe and reliable storage experience that allows students to focus on their studies and campus life without worrying about their belongings. Learn how our storage facilities and the various ways we cater to the storage needs of college students.
As the summer season arrives, it brings a sense of freedom and adventure. However, it also includes managing seasonal items and outdoor gear and decluttering your living space. We have compiled the top five summer storage hacks to make the most of your summer and maintain an organized environment.
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