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Welcome to Affordable Storage Guys Management Company! We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and top-notch management services for self storage facilities. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your storage business thrives with utmost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our inclusive range of services covers all aspects of storage facility management, from training and staffing to marketing, security, maintenance, and more. 



Professional Service at an Affordable Price

With a team of trained professionals, we stay up-to-date with the latest industry best practices, software, and security measures to protect your investment and provide exceptional customer service. Whether you’re starting a new storage venture or looking to optimize an existing one, we’ve got you covered from building plans and construction to lease up and ongoing marketing strategies. Trust Affordable Storage Guys Management Company to take care of your storage business needs, so you can focus on growing your investment.

Bringing Excellence and Efficiency to the World of Self-Storage Facility Management

With Affordable Storage Guys Management Company by your side, you can trust that your self storage facility will thrive in the competitive market. Let us handle the complexities of permitting and planning, excavation and groundwork, acquisitions, and investment options, while providing seamless software, revenue management, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. Our outstanding customer service and call center support ensure that your tenants receive exceptional care, while our strategic lease-up services bring tenants through your doors at competitive prices. Discover a new level of success with Affordable Storage Guys Management Company as your trusted partner in the self storage industry.

At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we understand the critical role that a well-trained staff plays in delivering exceptional service and ensuring the smooth operation of your self-storage facility. Our commitment to excellence starts withncomprehensive training that equips our staff with industry best practices.  Keeping our staff up-to-speed on software advancements, security protocols, and top-notch customer service techniques which ensures your facility runs efficiently and provides a positive customer experience.
Our training sessions are designed to foster a customer-centric approach, empowering our team members to handle inquiries, complaints, and tenant interactions with professionalism and empathy. We believe that investing in our staff’s development ultimately leads to improved tenant satisfaction and enhanced overall performance.
Our commitment to quality customer service with an emphasis on the self storage industry is evident with our district and property managers being encouraged to become Certified Self Storage Managers (CSSM) by the Self Storage Association.
In addition to training, we take care of all staffing needs, ensuring your facility operates efficiently with the right number of qualified professionals. As your business grows, we handle the process of hiring new staff members, carefully selecting individuals who align with our values and dedication to excellence.
Keeping track of financial transactions is crucial for a well-run storage business. As part of our comprehensive staffing services, we also take care of bookkeeping, meticulously recording and organizing all financial data. This ensures your financial records are accurate and readily available, making it easier to monitor your facility’s performance and make informed decisions for the future. With Affordable Storage Guys Management, you can trust our staff is well-trained, motivated, and efficiently managed, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business’s growth and success.

In today’s competitive market, effective marketing is essential for attracting new tenants and maximizing the potential of your self-storage facility. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we have a dedicated team of marketing professionals who handle every aspect of your facility’s marketing strategy. 

Starting with a captivating and user-friendly website, our skilled web designers create an online platform that showcases your facility’s unique features and offerings. We utilize cutting-edge techniques to optimize the website for search engines, ensuring that potential customers can easily find and engage with your facility online.

Our social media experts harness the power of various platforms to create a strong online presence for your storage business. We regularly post engaging content, promotions, and updates to keep your audience informed and interested in your services.

To reach a wider audience, our team manages both digital and print ad campaigns, strategically placing advertisements to capture the attention of potential customers. Our graphic designers craft eye-catching visuals that convey the quality and professionalism of your facility, leaving a lasting impression on prospective tenants.

Maintaining a positive reputation is crucial in the digital age. Our reputation management services monitor online reviews and feedback, allowing us to respond promptly to customer inquiries and address any concerns.

To give your storage facility an edge, we utilize photography and drone footage to showcase the property’s best features, emphasizing security measures, cleanliness, and accessibility. These visuals are incorporated into marketing materials, providing potential tenants with a compelling glimpse of what your facility has to offer.

Data analytics play a pivotal role in shaping our marketing strategies. Our team carefully analyzes customer trends and behaviors to fine-tune marketing efforts and optimize conversion rates. With Affordable Storage Guys Management, you can be confident that your storage facility will stand out in the market, attracting a steady stream of satisfied tenants who recognize the value and convenience of your services.

At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we prioritize the safety and security of both your tenants and your investment. Our comprehensive security management services include regular checks, updates, and maintenance of all security measures at your self-storage facility. Our team will ensure that all existing surveillance cameras are strategically placed and properly functioning, providing constant monitoring and deterrence against potential security threats. In the case of facilities without surveillance cameras, our team can provide a personalized camera/security plan in conjunction with proven security systems installers to provide your facility and tenants increased protection against theft and vandalism. In addition, we regularly inspect and update gates, locks, and keypads to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your tenants’ belongings. Our commitment to security extends to keeping track of access logs and security incidents, allowing us to address any concerns promptly. In the event of security breaches or emergencies, our team is trained to respond swiftly and efficiently, minimizing potential risks and protecting your facility and its occupants. With Affordable Storage Guys Management, you can have peace of mind knowing that your storage facility is equipped with a robust security infrastructure, instilling trust and confidence in your tenants and setting the standard for excellence in the industry.
At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we recognize the importance of proper maintenance in ensuring the longevity and appeal of your self-storage facility. Our dedicated team can provide all aspects of maintenance, from doors to driveways, lights to lawn care, and gates to buildings. We work with licensed contractors and preferred vendors, negotiating competitive rates to keep your maintenance costs down without compromising on the quality of services. Should any issues arise on the property, our team of professionals will respond promptly and provide expert solutions, minimizing any disruptions to your tenants. Regular site visits are an essential part of our maintenance approach. These visits allow us to proactively identify potential maintenance needs and address them before they become significant problems therefore saving you time and money. Our commitment to proactive maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your property and enhances the overall tenant experience, fostering a positive reputation for your facility in the community.
Your self-storage facility’s identity is vital in attracting potential tenants and establishing a recognizable brand. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, our acquisitions team is well-equipped to handle the seamless transfer of utilities, ensuring a smooth transition for your property. We understand the impact of well-designed signage on your facility’s visibility and brand recognition. Our experienced designers will create eye-catching and cohesive signage that aligns with your brand identity and prominently displays the Affordable Storage Guys brand, enhancing the facility’s professional image and allowing the benefits of a proven name within the storage industry. By carefully coordinating utility transfers and optimizing your online assets, we guarantee that your self-storage facility’s operations will continue smoothly during any transitions. With Affordable Storage Guys Management, you can be confident that your facility will stand out in the market, attracting a steady stream of satisfied tenants who recognize the value and convenience of your services.

We understand the importance of efficient and user-friendly software in enhancing the tenant experience and streamlining facility management. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we provide top-notch software solutions that enable your tenants to access online services 24/7, from bill payment to reservations and rentals. Our software is designed to be intuitive and secure, ensuring that tenants can manage their storage needs conveniently and hassle-free.

Moreover, we oversee all aspects of revenue management, including rate changes and bookkeeping. With meticulous attention to detail, our team organizes and records all financial transactions, making tax preparation a seamless process for your business.

By utilizing our comprehensive software, you can stay informed about your facility’s performance, revenue, and expenses in real-time. This data-driven approach empowers you to make well-informed decisions and adapt to market changes promptly, maximizing the profitability of your self-storage business.

At Affordable Storage Guys Management, exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our trained call center representatives and property managers are dedicated to handling all tenant inquiries, questions, and concerns promptly and professionally.

We recognize that managing delinquencies, handling difficult tenants, and conducting auctions require tact and expertise. Our experienced team oversees all processes related to these aspects, ensuring fair and efficient resolution while maintaining positive relationships with your tenants. Our staff is proficient with the application of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida lien laws and standards which ensure all legal aspects of delinquency are administered correctly.

By entrusting your facility’s customer service to us, you can rest assured that your tenants will receive the highest level of care and support, fostering long-term tenant satisfaction and retention.

With Affordable Storage Guys Management, you can trust that your self-storage facility or facility additions will be designed and constructed to meet the highest industry standards. Based on a thorough land survey, our team will produce initial drawings of the building(s), which are essential for banking appraisals and submission to architects and general contractors for construction estimates. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we prioritize the hiring of licensed and reputable vendors to handle various aspects of excavation, drainage, grading, building erection, electrical/plumbing/HVAC, security systems, paving, fencing, and gate systems. We collaborate closely with experienced contractors to ensure all tasks are executed with precision and according to industry standards. Throughout the construction process, we conduct regular site visits to monitor progress and address any potential issues promptly. Our experience in managing similar projects allows us to identify potential challenges and implement effective solutions, ensuring a smooth and successful construction process. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we take pride in delivering self-storage facilities that stand out in the market for their quality, design, and functionality, making them attractive options for prospective tenants and excellent investments for property owners.

Understanding the feasibility of your self-storage project is crucial for making well-informed decisions. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, we conduct in-depth evaluations that include analyzing competitors, demographics, and the location’s potential.

Based on our findings and extensive experience with similar facilities, we provide recommendations for building size and type, ensuring that your facility aligns with market demands and optimizes space utilization. Additionally, we offer estimates of expected income and expenses, providing valuable insights to guide your investment decisions.

By entrusting us with the feasibility assessment of your self-storage project, you gain a comprehensive understanding of its potential success, empowering you to make strategic choices that lead to a profitable and thriving storage business.

Whether you’re considering investing in a self-storage property or expanding your portfolio with a new facility, Affordable Storage Guys Management is here to guide you through the process. Our experienced real estate agent is prepared to provide personalized consultation, offering insights into potential investment opportunities and helping you make informed decisions. We understand that the world of real estate investing can be daunting, especially for newcomers. That’s why our team is committed to providing clear and comprehensive explanations of the investment process, the potential risks and rewards, and the financial involvement required at various levels. With a focus on transparency and financial prudence, we present investment opportunities that align with your goals and risk tolerance. Whether you’re looking for a passive investment or a more active role in managing your self-storage property, we have options tailored to meet your unique needs.
Once your self-storage facility is ready to open its doors, attracting tenants efficiently becomes paramount. At Affordable Storage Guys Management, our marketing team takes charge of your lease-up strategy, working diligently to bring tenants to your facility at competitive prices. Our team continuously monitors and analyzes competitor pricing to ensure that your rates remain competitive within the market. This data-driven approach allows us to optimize pricing for maximum tenant attraction while maximizing revenue potential. Our comprehensive marketing efforts encompass both digital and print media, targeting potential tenants through various channels. From social media campaigns to targeted print ads, we deploy a diverse marketing mix to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your facility. Additionally, we actively engage in the local community to increase brand visibility and build relationships that foster a positive reputation for your facility. With our lease-up strategy, you can expect a steady stream of tenants who recognize the value of your facility and the benefits of storing with Affordable Storage Guys.

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